Welcome to Northern Woods Lodge

Our area's spectacular sports fishing and awesome big game hunting are now complemented by the comfort you will experience in our brand new wilderness lodge and lakeside cottages. Northern Woods Lodge is an excellent choice for the sportsmen or group fishing trip.

Abundant Walleyes, Monster Trophy Northern Pike, Lunker Lake Trout and beautiful Wild Brook Trout are the dreams that come true at Northern Woods Lodge. Walleyes in Long Lake are big and plentiful with guests catching-&-releasing way more then their limit. Northern Pike reach 20+ pounds but common in many good eating sizes. Lake Trout are also plentiful and common in the 2 to 6 pound range but get much bigger. This area's claim-to-fame is the extraordinary Brook Trout (Speckled Trout) fishing. We have both spring-fed lakes and streams that are just stuffed with Brook Trout of every size including 5+ pound trophies.

For over 20 years we have been one of the top hunting outfitters in Canada and specializing in Black Bear hunting, which take place at our new lodge in Terrace Bay, Ontario. We also offer cabin rentals for Moose Hunters with their own Moose tags in WMU 21A.

Lodge & Cottages:
We recognized the demand for a smaller high quality resort that offers extraordinary customer service so we built one. Our new lodge offers our customers a remote and peaceful experience with all the amenities of home. Our new knotty pine cabins are completely furnished and fully modern with 3 bedrooms (all new beds) and 3-piece bathrooms.

Please explore our web site and have fun. We are the NEW OWNERS !!

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Long Lake is best known for its trophy walleye, northern pike, large wild brook trout and lake trout as well as a healthy population of whitefish. Long Lake is one of the many tributaries of the north shore of Lake Superior. We are in the same general area where the world record brook trout was taken, some 14 pounds many years ago. There are many excellent opportunities for fantastic fly fishing.

Walleye fishing is excellent throughout the season, with July and August bringing in some of the largest last summer (You know you are on a true walleye fishery when the fishing in August is excellent.) We knew the fishing was excellent on Long Lake -- that is one of the reasons we chose this location for our new resort. We've been fishing for many years and we can honestly say this is the best we have seen -- second to none.

Northern pike are also plentiful throughout the season, with the largest trophies being caught in May and early June. They are up is the shallows at that time of year and are really aggressive. They bite hard and fast. You can fish them all day long if your arms can take it. The fly fishermen are having a lot of fun with the northern pike as well. Barbless or single hooks are the way to go for the nothern pike. It makes them much easier to release.

The wild brookies are at their best from late May to late June, but can be caught in other smaller lakes and streams throughout the season. Some of the smaller lakes you can drive right to, some require a short walk and others require ATV access or longer walks. We also fish some streams. The river that runs from Long Lake produces very large brookies. We personally have caught brook trout to 7 pounds.

Lake trout can be caught all season, but in the spring and early summer they are in the shallows, on the sand bars and reefs. We have some excellent spots for fishing lake trout that have produced some real trophies.

In addition to fishing Long Lake, we also keep boats on several nearby lakes for excellent walleye, northern pike, lake trout and brook trout fishing.

Because this is a brand new resort, we are just beginning to tap into a fishery that has been virtually unexplored, thus has had little or no fishing pressure. Seldom will you ever see another boat on the lake besides our guests. Experienced guides are available upon request.


We have been in the bear outfitting business for almost 30 years. We are avid hunters ourselves and know what it takes to provide the best possible hunt to our customers.

Our bear hunts are fully guided. When bear hunting with us the price includes your accommodations with us in one of our new cottages or smaller units (depending on the size of your group), your license and tag, an active, pre-baited stand, tracking and retrieval, skinning and freezing.

Our above average success rate is the result of many years of experience. We have a very large leased bear hunting area in which we have exclusive non-resident hunting rights. Our bear management area is one of the largest and most productive areas in Ontario and has been well managed to maintain its quality.

Our hunts are designed for the serious hunter. These wild animals are intelligent with a keen sense of sight and smell. Reducing movement and eliminating human scent will definitely increase your odds of success.

You arrive and hunt. No hauling stands, no setting up stands and disturbing the hunting area, no taking stands down or moving them. We take care of all of it and our stands are professionally set, safe, clean and all ready for you.

You will hunt with the most reliable, experienced guides, you will receive the best care for your trophy that will be kept in our walk-in cooler/freezer. A taxidermist can only work with what he/she is given. A trophy of a lifetime deserves the best.

Ontario is presently experiencing an explosion in the bear population, perhaps because of the slower economy in recent years - combined with a fall only hunt. However, this together with our knowledge and expertise makes for a fantastic bear hunt with very high success rates. This also allows hunters to be selective, pass on the smaller bears if desired and wait for the big trophy boars.

Our bear management area is in a region north of Lake Superior where there are few roads and very little population. Just the way we like it - and so do our guests. Our hunt includes everything you need to enjoy your stay and a successful hunt.

We also have excellent fishing for northern, walleye, brook trout and lake trout. You can fish right on the main lake or you can fish one of the many smaller lakes close by. Boat rentals are available to our bear hunters on a daily or weekly basis, or you are welcome to bring your own boat along.

There is no mistaking it - after almost 30 years our experience and success rate speaks for itself. If you are in the market for a quality bear hunt, give us a call or drop us an email. We'd be glad to send you our complete package and answer any of your questions.