About Your Hosts

We have been in the fishing and hunting business for over 20 years. We have owned and operated several lodges in various locations across Ontario.

When we found this location, we knew this was the perfect spot for a new and modern resort. It is in the middle of literally dozens of lakes, which are abundant with fish. It is in the middle of our bear hunting area and in the middle of excellent moose and small game hunting area.

Its location is far enough from any town or neighbor to be as remote as any fly-in, and yet town is less than an hour away if supplies are needed or you need to take a break from landing fish.

We do have phone service by satellite available if communication with the outside world is necessary (although inconvenient enough that the outside world won't contact you unless necessary).

If you would like more information about our hunting and fishing, please email us. We'd be glad to email or send you a complete package.

Terry & Lorna Wood