Map of Long Lake

Long Lake stretches from our location North to Highway 11. It is approximately 50 miles long, although quite narrow. It is large enough to keep the most adventurous interests and narrow enough for the less experienced to navigate.

South of the lodge there is approximately 20 miles of river before any obstructions.

Long Lake is surrounded by hundreds of smaller lakes that have seldom seen any anglers. We keep boats on smaller lakes that are teaming with northerns, walleye, lake trout and brook trout. Some of these lakes are drive-to, some are accessed with quads and some you can walk to, all close to the lodge.

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Long Lake is approximately 50 miles long with 25 miles of river flowing south into Lake Superior. The lake is narrow and very deep with areas in excess of 300'. The lake has countless feeder creeks and bays and large sand bars that come up to 5 and 6 feet.

Satellite Photo of Long Lake

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